Bridge-type Systems

Ideal for high accuracy measurements

M3 Portable

M3 portable is a High Definition Standalone 3D Scanning System


Machine tool measurement software


High Performance Software to Capture
and Analyse of Point Clouds


High Speed 3D Scanning Sensor

Verification Systems

Software and Carbon Fiber Patterns
for CMMs Verification

M3 Arm

The portable metrology solution compatible
with touch probe and optical sensor

Measurement. 3D Scanning. Quality Control. Automation.

Reduce time and costs of your measurement processes with the solutions
of Innovalia Metrology

CMMs Systems

Versatile systems for CMM machines

We design and manufacture different CMMs systems: portable, horizontal-arm, bridge and Gantry systems.

Optical sensors

Get 3D high-difinition digitizing

Optiscan optical sensors to obtain 3D digitizations for reverse engineering and virtual metrology.

Verification of MMC

Artifacts and software for CMM verification

We manufacture artifacts for verification:
Tetrahedron, ball bars, cubes and ball plates.

Metrology software

High performance metrological software

Scan, measure, share and work with your 3D information reliably and efficiently with M3 software

MT Measurement Software

M3 MH maximizes the performance and accuracy of your machine tool allowing the verification, the setup and the measurement according to the industry demandings.

The complete Metrology solution

M3 Hybrid

M3 Hybrid has simplified the point acquisition process thanks to the combination of two methods: Optiscan and M3 Software.

Verification Software for Machine Tools

MH Check

Avoiding errors on machine-tools is essential if the dimensional quality of the parts made on them is to be assured and the financial losses caused by faulty parts are to be avoided.

Fixture technology

Fixture kits

Innovalia Metrology’s standard fixture solutions can improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of your inspection process by providing quick and repeatable fixturing set-ups for your components.

Featured Services Innovalia Metrology

Measurement services

Digitalization services, metrology in situ, optical measurement and three-dimensional measurement.

Calibration services

Dimensional calibration, in temperature area calibration and integrated management of calibration.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering can reduce design times, machining and commissioning of up to 50%.

 Consulting services

We help you to assess and acquire new equipment, to identify specific needs and to solve problems.

3D printing

We provide 3D Printing services to help you to reduce the time and cost of your prototyping processes.

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