We jointly use the design and manufacture of carbon fiber artifacts and software development for full CMM verification and machine tool

We are a specialized manufacturer of large reference artifacts made of carbon fiber composite material. The most typical are ball bars of 1.5m to 5.0m in length.

These ball bars are just a few of the commercially available artifacts that verify large coordinate measuring machines (see standards for CMM performance evaluation: VDI 2617/2.3; new draft of ISO 10360/2) and machine tools.

Innovalia Metrology also manufactures 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ball artifacts up to 1.5m corner to corner spacing. Our specialties include tetrahedrons and cubes with which extremely fast interim checks of CMMs can be performed. A check in less than 10 minutes is possible (mounting, aligning, measuring and evaluating).

Verification and calibration artifacts


Verification artifacts for CMMs

Verification and calibration software


Tetracheck: Verification Software for CMM