M3 Hybrid

M3 Hybrid: The complete solution of Metrology 4.0 to optimize your production process.

M3 Hybrid is a complete and integrated solution that combines a CMM machine, data capture sensors and a metrological software, to offer in this way an optimized management of the quality control. Innovalia Metrology has managed with M3 Hybrid to optimize the process of measuring parts by combining two methods of capture of points: without contact (Optiscan) and system by palpation; and M3 capture and analysis software ensuring maximum accuracy.


  • Fast measurements and part programming with powerful and flexible graphical user interface.
  • Combination of a contact probe and a 3D laser sensor within the same capture and inspection program.
  • Probe configuration and calibration quickly and accurately using probe management functions.
  • Integrated interchangeable frame for complete and simple hybrid measurement programs.
  • Graphic controls to modify part representations and set measurement parameters.
  • Measurement of complex thin-walled features quickly with predefined routines.

Data collection and analysis

  • High precision algorithms, certified by NIST and PTB, for point clouds and geometric extraction.
  • Optimized for offline programming and CAD interaction with automatic colormapping versus CAD.
  • Detection of possible collisions by combining CAD part models.
  • Automatic modification of the CAD orientation to align it with the direction of the probe.
  • Interoperability through different file formats and standards: M3, QIF, DMO, DMI, CSV.

Powerful reporting tools

  • Supports GD&T according to international standards.
  • Report automation and data analysis through customizable results reports.
  • Generation of inspection reports using predefined templates or custom formats.
  • Automatic data reports to M3 Analytics for additional analysis and processing.

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