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CAxMan: Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing

May 21, 2018 | News, Solutions

1. What is the objective of the project?

CAxMan stands for: Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing and its main objective is to establish a Toolbox, work processes and a single window in the cloud for computer-assisted technologies that support design, simulation and process planning of Additive Manufacturing.

2. What is the role of Trimek within the project?

TRIMEK has extensive experience in the area of coordinate measuring machines, robotics, machine integration, digitization software and metrological software. TRIMEK also offers consulting and services related to dimensional metrology processes and metrological platforms, as well as digitization processes of real parts. It covers any metrological need that a company may have, from the maintenance and calibration of machinery, to other services such as internal measurements or inverse engineering.
TRIMEK’s role in the project focuses on:
Adapt your measurement software to the needs of the new technologies of Additive Manufacturing demonstrating the utility of its measurement software in different phases of production, including quality control and design.

3. What will the implementation of the CAXMan project entail in the field of additive manufacturing?

CAxMAN offers a Marketplace for cloud applications for services ranging from design to analysis of the production chain for additive manufacturing. Therefore, all the neccesary software components necessary to act as an intermediary of these services have been developed in CAxMan.
It has also established an ecosystem of open-source algorithmic toolkits for additive manufacturing. In addition, CAxMAN offers a collection of lessons learned and practical patterns of quantifiable advantages and findings with respect to representations of interoperable models for the production chain for additive manufacturing, which means that it not only offers tools but also offers a collection of experiences that prevents companies and institutions from making the same mistakes.

4. How will it affect the industry?

The market for additive manufacturing expects to reach USD 16.2 billion in 2018 and there is already a growing demand for a software ecosystem that allows the support of computer-assisted technologies for processes and additive manufacturing machines. However, moving from prototypes and 3D models to real industrial use, it is necessary to document and certify the quality of the results of the additive manufacturing processes, the strength of the product, the quality of the surface, the behavior of the material and the restrictions of shape. This is where the value of the CAxMAN project lies, since it has established work processes and a single window for computer-assisted technologies that support the design, simulation and planning of Additive Manufacturing processes.

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