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A great year for Innovalia Metrology

Dec 29, 2016 | News


It has been a year of success for Innovalia Metrology. The basque company arrives to December having presented M3 Hybrid in the Chicago’s IMTS, in the BIEMH and in more than 17 international exhibitions, always creating interest and taking the role as leaders of digital and intelligent manufacturing.

During this 2016, Innovalia Metrology has been awarded with the 2016 Internationalisaton award and has recently become part of the CFAA (Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Aeronautics). Introducing a few of their solutions, they have given a new meaning to the concept of accuracy and precision.

Innovalia Metrolog, with a clear demonstration of their product range, M3 Hybrid, presented a more efficient way of scanning and measuring 3D pieces. The measurement system M3 Hybrid gives us the possibility to scan and capture more accurate, dense and complete point clouds.
The integration of their recognized 3D scanner, Optiscan, and the touch sensor in the same working flow has changed the meaning of quality control by reducing both the time and costs of measurements. This improvement is also possible thanks to the M3 Software, a metrological multisensory Software that is already one of the most important assets of the company.

Thanks to FABulous, Innovalia Metrology, presented M3 Workspace in Frankfurt. A new addition to the M3 family, that makes the group product range into the most complete and adaptable to the client. M3 Workspace was born as an answer to the necessity of managing the quality of the additive manufactured pieces and is already making a difference in the quality standards.

The combination of these tools allows the companies to step into the future and change their production efficiency. In the European and international markets, there is an obvious aim of optimizing the production process and meeting the quality standards in an easier and faster way. This tendency has lead Innovalia Metrology to cross borders and have international presence that has led to being recognized with the 2016 Internationalisation award by the Chamber of Commerce of Álava.

The various business proposal, constant visits in more than 12 countries strengthen the role of the group as the driver of innovation and quality in Europe.


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