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Innovalia Metrology makes a leap to the hybrid measurement

Mar 8, 2016 | News

In just over 20 years Innovalia Metrology has moved from integrating new technology in order to develop their products, to become an alliance of companies formed by Trimek, Unimetrik and Datapixel. This strategic alliance dares to manufacture and market solutions which set the standard to follow in the industrial area of quality control, and more specifically in the dimensional metrology.

The technology of the new machinery is essentially based on a new hybrid measurement system that combines the classical technique of touch probe measurements and an Optiscan optical sensor. The unique hybrid design allows the integration into any system for both laboratory and in-line manufacturing with a high precision and speed.

“What we get with this new method is a much higher speed and reliability when making a three-dimensional measurement. We get those difficult to access points through our touch sensor system and with the Optiscan optical sensor we are able to scan the rest of the piece, providing a measurement of millions of points”, says Jesús de la Maza, president of Innovalia group.

The hybrid scanner system, together with the Optiscan optical sensor, makes Innovalia Metrology one of the leading companies in the automotive benchmarking and in addition, has also been approved by the most demanding aerospace groups such as Airbus.

In addition to these intelligent metrology tools, Innovalia Metrology has also led the development of the M3 software platform, an international reference within the 3D digitalization whose high precision has recently been approved by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and PTB (National Institute of German Metrology), becoming thus a paradigm for quality control analysis and management within manufacturing plants worldwide.

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