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Innovalia Metrology presents all 4.0 Metrology solutions at Proveedor Automotriz, Nuevo León.

Sep 14, 2018 | News

After presenting its metrological solutions in the main fairs of the 5 continents, Innovalia Metrology arrives at Proveedor Automotriz to present the advantages of M3 Hybrid, (19- 20 September / Stand-28).

During the fair, Innovalia Metrology will show w to all visitors its M3 technology, thanks to which it has developed its products, allowing to optimize the measurement and production processes. All visitors can verify through a real-time demo how M3 Hybrid has managed to simplify the process of reading and measuring pieces by combining two methods of capturing points (by palpation and optical sensor thanks to Optiscan) with M3 Software.

M3 Software is the multisensor dimensional metrological software designed to work in the plant and in the laboratory. It has the capacity to design point clouds of more than 100 million, allows measurements of any piece in a fast and accurate way. M3 Software offers all the necessary metrological capabilities for an exhaustive quality control betting on innovative and functional technology designed for a demanding current market looking for a design-friendly and intuitive workspace

Visitors will have the opportunity to seek advice from Sales Specialists about their own equipment. Innovalia Metrology has not only its own portfolio of exclusive products but also offers to its customers the possibility of performing fast and profitable technical services. Innovalia’s technological solutions allow updating of any measuring machine in a way that improves its metrological performance and the accuracy and repeatability of the system.

Discover with Innovalia Metrology the Metrology 4.0 solutions that convert the terms “zero defects” and “Intelligent Metrology” into a very close reality.

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