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M3MH at the Speakers Corner of the EMO Milano fair

Nov 18, 2021 | Events, Products, Solutions

Speakers Corner is one of the great novelties of the EMO MILANO 2021 event. It is a project that combines exhibitions with analysis and in-depth thematic debates.

It is the perfect occasion to publicize our brand, as well as the metrological solutions that help improve the quality and efficiency of our clients’ industrial production.

Borja de la Maza, Business Manager of Innovalia Metrology will be in charge of showing the functionalities and benefits of one of our most demanded metrological software on the market, M3MH.

M3MH is CAD / CAM metrological software for machine tools. Thanks to this program, it is not necessary to use a three-dimensional machine to control production, since it performs measurement and quality control from the CNC.

Therefore, some of the most significant advantages of M3MH :

• Optimization of machine performance and machining process
• Reduction of part alignment time and tooling cost
• Adaptive manufacturing and elimination of process errors

Our presentation at the Speaking Corner will take place on Friday, October 8 at 15:10 pm and will be held in the P 5 B-44 4D-31 showroom at the EMO Milano 2021 fair.

It is a multidisciplinary meeting that will take place at the same time as the EMO Milano fair and will host more than 80 meetings with various topics such as, for example; machine tools, robotics, additive technologies, metrology and quality control, ITC and digital technologies, tools, components and enabling technologies, consulting and start-ups.

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