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M3MH: Machining without defects

Jan 15, 2021 | Products, Solutions

Making good parts with the first attempt is the goal of every technician
M3MH allows us to have total control over the machining process before, during and after, thus optimizing the quality of the part and allowing us to obtain the best possible result. When we talk about the inspection with M3MH during the machining process and once it is finished, we are talking about a software that, in addition to allowing us to verify our machine tool and make the part set up, allows us to obtain a complete measurement report with information on distances, all kinds of geometries, diameters, geometric tolerances, perpendicularities, symmetries, parallels. It is a complete measurement software with direct connection to the numerical control of the machine that allows us to ensure the quality of the entire process..

M3MH has three functionalities that provide value both individually and as well as all together.

To verify the machine, we only need software and an artifact, in this case it would be a tetrahedron that we will measure inside the machine and with which we will verify that our machine can mechanize and measure correctly. We achieve this thanks to M3MH-Verification.

Once our machine tool has been verified and with the certainty that the machine works correctly, we will proceed to perform the set-up of the part, thanks to M3MH-Set up. From Innovalia Metrology, and with the aim of reducing the defects of mechanized to his minimum expression have developed a procedure by means of which can align the piece automatically in each one of his stages of mechanized, to correct in this way errors in the positioning of the piece at each stage, avoid unnecessary tooling costs and optimize the total machining process.

With each of these alignments we will determine a strategy with a series of geometries that we consider main in each one of the stages to obtain the best possible version of the final piece. To perform the alignments automatically, M3MH allows us to program directly on the CAD as we can have loaded the CAD of part 0 and the intermediate CADS through which the part must pass until it becomes the final part. The measurement programs and the definition of the alignments can be performed offline, thanks to a measurement simulator and thus maintain the stored work material and make use of it, when the part passes from one phase to another.

By keeping our machine tool verified and aligning our part before each machining phase we are actively reducing the errors of our production before reaching the last metrological stage of the process and the measurement of the part at the times of manufacture that are necessary with M3MH -Measurement.

After the first machining we measure the geometries and define our measurement program. We then run the measurement program with the geometries and pre-defined alignment that we will use for the measurement and capture the information we need.

Once the machining has been carried out, we will re-execute the previously prepared measurement program and thus we will be checking that our part has indeed been machined correctly and meets the requirements of our customer.

The final report will be made on the last piece, we will do it in a model coordinate system and in the coordinate system that the client requests.

M3MH is an easy-to-use SW that becomes essential in the machining process: contributing to the reduction of errors to ensure the highest quality of our production, reduce uncertainty and produce better and in less time.

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