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Metromeet 2019 comes to its end after a 3 days Conference where important representatives of the Industry have put in common developments and ideas of Metrology

Apr 23, 2019 | Events

During the three days of Conference, the International Conference on Industrial Metrology discussed Real Applications of Intelligent Metrology, Advanced Instrumentation and Calibration, Metrology and Industry 4.0 and New Dimensional Metrology Solutions.
Metromeet also had a very special guest: Sara García was the Metromeet 2019 guest of honor, two-time champion of Spanish TT Rally (2016 and 2017) and who will participate in the Dakar 2019 edition, proclaiming herself as the first woman to do the Dakar in Malle Moto. Sara shared from a different perspective, the value of Metrology and Quality management in one of the most competitive sectors.

Metromeet has also welcomed some of the leader companies of the field as the Conference sponsors: Innovalia MetrologyRenishawLMI TechnologiesCIN Advanced Systems, Faro and Zeiss.

Metromeet managed to gather the main companies executives with greater international projection such as Innovalia Metrology, Autodesk, Zeiss, Capvidia, Renishaw, Tekniker, Novo Nordisk, Creaform, Prostep, CEA, Faro or Topsolid. Also responsibles from the most important institutions such as the PTB, the University of Nottigham and Antwerp, the National Scientific Center Institute of Metrology of Ukraine or the MTC in UK.
The conference addressed some of the challenges that companies face today in assessing the benefits of adopting smart metrology technologies. Topics such as predictive maintenance or interoperability have been key for those companies that are looking for how to make the leap to digital optimized production. The event offered the possibility to connect and discover technology, solutions and applications in an industrial environment.

Metromeet 2019 ended with a unique round table formed by Toni Ventura, the Datapixel CEO, Jesús de la Maza, the Grupo Innovalia president, Lorenzo Carli chariman of the Conference and Novo Nordisk senior metrologist and Ray Admire, President of the DMSC Association and NIST collaborator together with Alain Pfouga, general manager of the Prostep IVIP Association, to discuss the manufacturing standards.

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